Of Pixels and Openness

Before you wonder, no, this is no dummy template post for a new “Hello World” blog.
And yes, this is the predecessor of the soon going to be infamous blog of a pixel cutting ninja, a black-terminal-with-green-font-wannabe-hacker, and really any weird name folks might come up with in the future.

Okay, that might be a little bit exagerrated, however I thank you for throwing an eye on my blog (not literally of course).
In the following weeks and months I will try to populate it with random thoughts and well thought-out plans in the form of various blog posts.
You’re probably the 3rd person to visit this blog (my mom doesn’t count) so let me give you a virtual shoulder clap for strolling by!

Disclaimer though: if you are expecting cute kitten pics I must disappoint you.

Here is a cute fox sticker instead:
Fox Sticker