That “airport mood”

I’m sitting here in front of my PC, 3 hours until my flight to Brussels departs, 8 hours until I arrive in the snowy city of Brussels and probably some 16 hours until I’m getting drunk with fellow Mozillians at the infamous Delirium Bar in the heart of Brussels. It’s FOSDEM time!

Yet I cannot sleep.

It’s funny as I’m not really that kind of guy who reflects stress in his sleep (or lack thereof). Also after several trips with Open Labs, Mozilla and other occassions, I was expecting to keep a cooler head in those situations. Yet I’m waiting impatiently like a little kid on the night before Christmas, writing a random blog post in the middle of the night.

With this, I need to confess also that I have never traveled alone before. As absurd as it might sound like (I look at you, travelling speakers and evangelists) it’s a weird feeling.
Being on your own while traveling seems to be definitely a unique experience; something which you cannot replicate with anyone else.

Also, have you noticed that mood which airports hold most of the time? Some kind of mixed nostalgia and excitement? I have asked a couple of friends and it seems that I’m indeed not the only one feeling like it once I step into an airport. Does the same apply to you?

Anyway, the following days will be packed with activities and metrics and documentation, so lots of stuff to do (I’m organizing Mozilla’s l10n presence at FOSDEM).
Further, as I’m the only one from Open Labs attending FOSDEM, I will have some great chats with old and new friends we met at OSCAL while finally being able to meet some people in person I always wanted to meet. Definitely looking forward to that!

Once I’m back from FOSDEM, 3 university course exams already await me, while a dozen other blog posts and reports want to be created by the end of next week.


But hey, I have brought Milka with Bretzel taste for some of my Mozillians, so if you receive one, it means that you’re special to me. If you don’t, well; it means I probably ran out of Milka.
See you at FOSDEM!