Why Mozillians have too much free time on their hands

Yes, we say some shit sometimes which you probably won’t find funny if you’re a normal mortal and not of the Mozillian race.
In any case, here is a collection of the best Telegram stickers by me. To use them in Telegram, just convert them to .webp and paste them there. Here is a great online converter for that.

Disclaimer: Following images are only for fun and are taken light heartedly. If you however think that something might be inappropriate or offensive, let me know and I will remove it.


Brian “King”



Elio “Broomman”



Rebecca “Friday” (where is Nukeador?)


Redon “the Dealer”


“But wait there is more” Rosana


Yes, Rosana said it, there is more (memes this time):

What I do when I’m not the Elio Qoshi you all know

Elio Firefoxman


These are 76% of my thoughts

Elio Food



Bonus: Mexikohler

Yes, he is a quite alright mentor when he is not in Mexico by any chance. I believe he deserved a whole category for him alone. My contributions to that:


Mexikohler “Explicit”

Mexikohler 1


He might be the next Bond

Mexikohler 2


Oh, he is

Mexikohler 3


He also learned Spanish while in Mexico

Mexikohler 4



Behind the scenes of the German speaking community meetup

Mexikohler 7



First thing he tells us when we ping him

Mexikohler 6


He even has his own Kohler… uhm Cola brand

Mexikohler 5