The Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for Events

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It’s needless to say that WordPress has come a long way since the original blogging platform it was famous for. With an obviously much wider audience, WordPress powers 23.6% of all websites globally. It’s a great example of how powerful free and open source software can be.

While the fact that most blogs run on WordPress is no revelation, more and more fully fledged websites use WordPress as their Content Management System. Often, there are times when you really can’t tell when a website is powered by WordPress, as the latter allows you endless customizations.

If you are organizing a special event and the usual networks like Eventbrite, Lanyrd, Meetup etc. are not satisfying your needs, creating a website for your events with WordPress can be a viable option. This is especially useful if you need flexibility more than anything else, as WordPress gives you as much control as you need.

In the following article, we’re covering event focused WordPress themes and resources which are likely to suit your event’s needs.

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