5 Stunning WordPress Portfolio Themes for Designers

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Portfolios are difficult endeavours. If you meet any designer, chances are they will mention their portfolio at some point. Just look at Behance or Dribbble; these communities organize Portfolio Reviews or Meetups regularly to mingle with their own kind, so their portfolio is always up to date.

Obsessions aside, having a portfolio is a need in today’s digital age. Where a physical portfolio is seen very rarely these days, you will find it hard to land a job or gig without a portfolio or an established online presence, especially as a creative.

While it’s very helpful to be present on social networks for designers as Behance or Dribbble, you might want to settle with an independently hosted portfolio which you have control over. As an open source CMS, WordPress is perfect for this task.

I won’t be getting into the details how to install a WordPress installation, instead I’m going to suggest some of the best WordPress portfolio themes I witnessed this year. Some of them are accompanied with a real use case so you will be able to see how this might look outside of the idealistic preview of the theme providers.


If you’re into Pinterest, Fukasawa might catch your interest (!). It sports a beautifully minimal layout that displays your posts, images and videos in a Pinterest-style grid.

Although not specifically a design portfolio theme, Fukasawa offers a great balanced structure for showcasing and blogging purposes with a very smooth transition, making it feel like it serves a single purpose, rather than two; hence fitting the needs of most designers.


Fukasawa has also great Jetpack support (check out Jacco’s Guide to Jetpack if you are not yet familiar with the Jetpack plugin).

The theme includes support for the image, video and gallery formats, and presents galleries in a neat slideshow above the posts, turning them into a pleasant reading experience.

Further, Jetpack Infinite Scroll allows you to load new posts without reloading the page. You can also display your images in a beautiful grid with Jetpack Tiles Galleries, as Fukasawa has built-in support for both.

The theme allows you to customize colors, logo and the sidebar without touching any code (they must know how afraid designers might be of code) which is a plus for all those who want to have a portfolio up and running pretty quickly.

You haven’t heard the best part yet though: Fukasawa is completely free. This is relatively rare for a responsive and retina ready theme. If you are unsure about your budget, definitely give Fukusawa a try.

Here is a real use-case of Fukusawa by Truman, a designer based in Tirana, Albania.


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