What’s New in Firefox 40?

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Firefox 40 comes with some powerful new tools and interesting shifts in strategy. Read on for the biggest changes in Firefox and what they mean for you.

You can update your Firefox installation either by patiently waiting for the auto-update, choosing About Firefox within the browser’s menu, or downloading the new installer manually from Firefox.com.

All About Windows 10

Mozilla has integrated fresh optimizations for Microsoft’s new operating system. These changes are mostly visual, but there are also subtle performance enhancements.

Firefox 39, on Windows 10, looks like this:

Firefox 39 on Windows 10

Firefox 40 on Windows 10 is quite different:

Firefox 40 on Windows 10

Firefox 40 has also improved stabilization in Windows 10—Mozilla tests suggesting that it went from 1 crash per 2 days on Windows 8.1 to 0 crashes in 16 days on Windows 10.

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