SitePoint Ambassadors 2015 Review

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Community has always been a crucial part at SitePoint. Everyone knows that certain things would surely fail, wouldn’t it be for the amazing contributors and volunteers behind said projects. Unfortunately, there was no official way we could recognize and empower such individuals in our organization.

Until May 2015 that is. That’s when we introduced the SitePoint Ambassadors Program, a new project aiming to cater core contributors as SitePoint spokespersons. The project failed to take off though, so we decided to reboot the Ambassadors Program in September, effectively starting in October.

I had the honour to join the team as a Community Manager and have enjoyed the ride ever since ( I have been a SitePoint author for more than 1.5 years also).

The new iteration of the Ambassadors Program is focused to empower Ambassadors on an individual and personal basis, offering various contribution paths for everyone, no matter if coder, designer or ninja. Forums discussions, biweekly online meetings and some lovely prizes for the Ambassadors make sure the momentum is kept alive.

With 2015 ending, we take a look back at some of our achievements and milestones in 2015, neatly visualized in an infographic. In true open source fashion, the design is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike NoDerivatives 4.0 license.

If you have been around on SitePoint for some time, or are simply passionate about web technologies; you will have the chance to become an Ambassador very soon. Send me an email at elio [at] sitepoint [dot] com if you are interested!