Schrödinger’s Firefox OS

Disclaimer: This is not a pure and objective blog post . I will be sharing thoughts and opinions of my own regarding Firefox OS which do not represent Mozilla’s views necessarily, neither those of other organizations I’m affiliated with. This is tied in with my related blog post about Mozlando – Mozilla’s end of the year Work Week in 2015.

Last month, I attended Mozlando, Mozilla’s bi-annual Work Week event in Orlando, Florida. Among a lot of news and exciting projects, one specific news was hard to digest:
As you might have (in)famously heard:

Firefox OS is dead
Well, according to the media at least. Of course things are not so simple like in Hollywood to smash a clickbaity headline on a biased article, so let’s turn the clocks back a bit.

Mozlando Announcement

mozlando-mitchell-stageThe opening plenary session at Mozlando was quite absurd. We were greeted by adorable Foxy plushies waiting for us on our seats, and just an hour later, Ari Jaaksi, responsible for Connected Devices at Mozilla announced on stage that Mozilla would stop pushing Firefox OS devices and close all deals with partners. Firefox OS would serve as the base for Connected Devices at Mozilla, aka Web of Things / Internet of Things.

“What?! What does that mean? Can you be a bit more specific? Are we abandoning Firefox OS? What will happen with all the functional teams working on Firefox OS? “

Questions like these started circulating all around Mozlando. Meanwhile, Ari has been sharing several tweets, with the hope to answer some questions, but as it seems, many more were raised.

Confusion was spreading like wildfire and it was only a matter of time until media outlets would pick up the story… which of course didn’t last long. TechCrunch covered the story in less than 2 hours after Ari came on stage. ArsTechnica followed with a more hardcore headline. GSMArena even went that far to call Firefox OS “officially” dead. It was so bad even Mozilla’s ex Firefox OS evangelist, Christian Heilmann was already discussing the Firefox OS post-mortem.

It was a PR disaster, internally and externally. We ended the first day of Mozlando without answers to our questions. It diminished our excitement of being at Disney World, solely due to the fact we went to bed with a big question mark over our head.

We received an answer the next day by reading the Mozilla blog. Well, at least we hoped so, because one could hardly call the blog post helpful explanation wise:

Everything is connected around us. This revolution has already started and it will be bigger than previous technology revolutions, including the mobile smartphone revolution. Internet of Things, as many call it today, will fundamentally affect all of us.


We will prototype this future starting right now using technologies developed as part of the Firefox OS project to give us a kick start.


We will make space for this exploration by stopping our work to build and ship smartphones through carrier partners.


We will explore and prototype new use cases in the world of connected devices as an open source project with a clear focus on the user benefit and experience.


We will focus on products and technologies that allow people to access and manage their world of connected devices, helping to ensure people are empowered, safe and independent.


We are excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. We believe that the Web can be the right platform for this future of connected devices and we can’t wait to share more with everyone soon.

we, we, we, we, we. How can Mozilla talk about “we” when “we” don’t even know what’s going on?

What does “ensure people are empowered, safe and independent” mean? What does “exploration” mean? Clearly, “we” have no clue where “we” are going, which is not necessarily a bad thing, seeing that the world of Internet of Things is so blurry. But why weren’t “we” informed of this process? Obviously Mozilla is doing great efforts to involve contributors more in Firefox OS, especially with the Firefox OS Community Hub and the Foxfooding campaign. But of course no one mentions them here.

Mozlando Banner

See, I have no intentions to get nitpicky here, but as a Firefox OS contributor I find it heavily discouraging to see a project being cancelled just like that and not even receiving a “Thank you“.

Seriously, thousands of contributors have been working tirelessly on Firefox OS in the past 3 years, yet the blog post fails to simply include a small Thank You note? A lot of us are not paid to do what we are doing. The least we can ask for our contribution is a little bit of appreciation. I know Mozilla knows better than that, but at times we need to remind each other that we are on the same boat. We kind of forget that sometimes.

EDIT: To clarify, the Participation team reached out to all contributors and thanked them via a blog post / mailing list. However, this happened 2 days after the initial blog post in separate channels. In these moments, it was very clear that we were not sure what we were doing, as Participation was trying to fix things when the damage was already done.

For example, what happened with the Marketplace team was neither a testimonial of communication alignment at Mozilla. Marketplace reviewers were part of their team meetings at Mozlando and suddenly all of them were cancelled after the announcement. It was only said that the Marketplace will be discontinued.
Questions asked were left unanswered because no one knew any details. Until this very day, the Marketplace team has no clue of how & why’s. While this might be a problem specifically for the Marketplace team, the root of the problem impacts all of us, and that is, in this case, lack of communication.

A much better solution would be to wait until whole Mozilla gets on the same page and then spread out a single message. Fighting the symptoms has not much impact when the root of the problem is somewhere else.

Having said that, I deeply appreciate the Participation’s team efforts to contain the situation. If it wouldn’t be for our functional teams communicating with us, the morale would be much lower.

Externally, the pressure all Mozillians had from their friends, contacts and similar was tremendous. Everyone was asking about the situation yet the statements we received were confusing and unclear. TechCrunch wrote about the Firefox OS news 2 hours after the opening plenary session at Mozlando, yet our answer to such articles came in only 1 day later, which did not answer any questions anyway.

Was Public Relations involved here at all? I hate to be the one that complains, but we at Mozilla do so many great things, it seems absurd to me we allow to turn such small communication mistakes into PR disasters.

After a lot of asking around many of us were able to get a rough view on the situation:

  • Firefox OS is not dead.
  • Mozilla will stop offering phones through carriers (the partnership with Panasonic will continue)
  • we will shift focus on the Internet of Things with Firefox OS.
  • the Firefox Marketplace will be discontinued in the coming months to remove decentralization barriers.

Mozilla Participation

I really really hope that Participation is going to address issues like these, as these show how much we lack community inclusiveness sometimes. It’s kind of ironic this happens at a point where we are pushing so much for Participation as it is obvious that some parts of Mozilla don’t understand Participation yet. Clearly this is the root of the problem here.

Of course I’m not going to stand by the side and wait for things to change. I am continuing to commit time and effort to Participation at Mozilla so we can fix such issues in the future. In the meanwhile, let’s reflect a bit about our actions.

Sometimes it seems to me that we at Mozilla feel uncomfortable talking about our past failures. We need to work on this.

EDIT: Thanks for facilitating this discussion. This post was not at all intended to point fingers at others, rather than spark a discussion. I will be following up with a proposal on how we can prevent such scenarios in the future.


  • San Emmanuel James

    Beautiful post Elio…We live in a world where you will never know the reaction to any action…Sometimes even with the best of PR, its not to difficult to plunge into such a deep whole. Perhaps the art of coming out of it is what needs to be developed.

    • Elio Qoshi

      Thanks San Emmanuel!
      Well, I think the communication was just centralized and once it spread out everyone interpreted it the way they liked, so that’s the core problem I think. A LOT of people were taken by surprise, not only volunteers but also staff.

  • ɹǝpʍoɹɔ

    You were invited to the work week, but didn’t get a “thank you”?

    • Elio Qoshi

      This is not about me here, but I’m not sure if I get your point.

  • mcepl

    To summarize your post … Firefox OS, as in “mobile phone with everything written in HTML5/JavaScript/CSS” is dead and abandoned. Yes, something completely different confusingly under the same name will possibly happen, and yes nobody bothered to say “Thank you”. Not that I care that much, FxOS has been dead for some time already (

    • Elio Qoshi

      That’s not a summarization of my post and you completely missed my point here 🙂

      • mcepl

        Isn’t it? Then tell me, which phone I should buy and where should I get OS, which would be fully HTML5-only with working marketplace?
        And what was your point?

        • Elio Qoshi

          This will help you:

          But you are drifting away from the main issue here.

          • mcepl

            Interesting. I won’t be returning to FxOS (for the reasons I mentioned in my blogpost), but this is a very interesting page. I have not knew about it. Thank you.

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  • Luca Perri

    Elio, thank you for the clarification you made about that messy (or at least misunderstood) declarations. Now, I really hope FirefoxOS will have a long and prolific future on his way. I have a simple question: why Marketplace will be discontinued? 🙁

    • Elio Qoshi

      You are welcome! I hope it didn’t come across as a rant, rather than specifically addressing issues we feel uncomfortable with addressing.

      Firefox OS strives to be an open mobile platform, so that means that we want to go away from “apps” per se and especially centralized app distributions, such as Marketplace. I totally agree with the fact we do not need the Marketplace, but the way this was communicated (or lack of communication) is a major issue.

      Imagine, the Marketplace team doesn’t know what’s happening, no information at all. While this might be a problem specifically for the Marketplace team, the root of the problem impacts all of us, and that is unclear communication, to say the least.

      • Luca Perri

        Maybe it’s just me, but I find inimaginable a total lack of information between teams. If it was as you said, it is (and, if unsolved, it might be in the future) a really big problem. Cooperation is mostly, in is inner part, a matter of trust, and with episodes like this, people could ( … and how they couldn’t?) feel their trust deceived.

        However, I really hope Mozilla Community is having a discussion on this topic, trying to find and solve this community-related bug.

        p.s. I can undestard your point on the Marketplace, but I’m so used to this piece of software that I really find it hard to survive without it. Obviously I’m Joking. Maybe it’s just a problem to change my mind!

  • Micheal Abaho

    Quite interesting Elio, Honestly, I do agree with your thoughts and hopefully Its’ the descent way to speak out to those who feel convicted as per the communication. Its not just you who awaits the proposal on how scenarios in the future could be better dealt with.

    • Elio Qoshi

      I have received some positive feedback also. I would encourage everyone who wants to address something to gather their thoughts and put them into a post. It is a very effective way to get your voice heard.

  • codeheroics

    Nice post! I still have questions though, because it feels like even your clarification isn’t enough.

    When you says that “Mozilla will stop offering phones through carriers” and “will shift focus on the Internet of Things with Firefox OS”, does that mean that Firefox OS, *as a OS for phones*, is dead… Or will be maintained by an understaffed team for a couple years before disappearing? As a developer who currently holds little interest in the IoT, that’s a bit sad, and weeks after that communication fiasco, I’m still not sure what to expect for that part of the OS that interested me.

    Plus, really, how can developers or vendors trust Mozilla now? FxOS’s focus was low-end phones. Then in the middle of 2015 it switched to middle-end. Now it switches to IoT. How do we know the focus won’t switch again? (And how was the new middle-end devices focus supposed to yield results in only 6 months?)

    I also feel that the decision to discontinue the Marketplace in the coming months is quite rash. Even if FxOS never took a big market share, aren’t there people still using FxOS phones? Shouldn’t it be kept around, even in its current state, for at least a year or two? Even when HP killed WebOS as a tablet OS, their store kept working for a while.

    • Elio Qoshi

      Hi Hugo, thanks!

      Firefox OS is alive and well on mobile. We have our Foxfooding campaign going on and the Community Hub running:

      It is currently not understaffed and there are no plans for that to change (apart the Marketplace staff whose contract seems to not be renewed).

      Having said that, I’m neither clear about the situation, as whole Mozilla has not a concrete plan in place on how we will approach the Connected Devices strategy and how much mobile will be part of that strategy. It’s due to be finished in April (which is another problem as the community is not being asked on feedback for this strategy, while still in progress).

      I really agree with you that we change strategies way too often. I have been 3 years at Mozilla now and it feels like much more, due to so many changes. I really do not blame you for not willing to commit time to something which might totally change in a matter of . This is something I’m going to address in a next blog post of mine.

      The Marketplace will be slowly discontinued, so I am sure that most users won’t miss it as I expect it to be a smooth transition. I’m happy to see the Marketplace go though. It makes sense in the long run for an open web platform.

      • codeheroics

        Thanks for answering!

        Still, reading your answer, it seems that this PR fiasco is even worse than I thought. Basically, everyone, from the community to Mozillians, has to work for 3 months with no idea about how things will develop, because the new “shift in focus” is a shift to an undefined strategy (on which the community as no input)?

        And while I agree that discontinuing the Marketplace definitely makes sense in the long run from a philosophical point of view, is there a clearly defined path to educate users and developers about how to distribute their applications from now on? Users will lose their go-to place for new apps, and as a developer I have no idea how to distribute my app in the future, as the FxSO permissions model depended on trusted marketplaces.

        • Elio Qoshi

          Well, in our defense, IoT and WoT is a pretty blurry and indefinite endeavour. It’s very new yet so it’s relatively normal things will be tried and failures are expected. However, this is also my point, we need to involve the community in this “exploration”, as waiting 3 months until this gets ready is frustrating and unfair towards contributors.

          I am almost as clueless as you regarding the Marketplace. Even the Marketplace team themselves have no idea how things will look like. We just know that it will be discontinued sooner or later and what’s left is just the hope that the alternative we will be using for the Marketplace won’t create too much friction.

          • codeheroics

            I certainly get that it is a blurry endeavour, but… Once again we’re back at that PR disaster.

            I would certainly have been *interested* to see an announcement saying something like “Mozilla is going to expand FirefoxOS’ reach with new exciting possibilities, adding more resources which will be dedicated to explore ideas for using it for the Internet of Things”

            Instead, we have this :
            * Mozilla will stop offering phones through carriers… and no mentions of new initiatives to develop FirefoxOS as an OS for mobile phones (I know of the Foxfooding campaign, but the general public does not)
            * Focus shifted to IoT (and a blurry idea of what that means)
            * Marketplace discontinued (and no idea what happens after that)

            These three summed up together paint quite a worrying picture for now. I really hope we can get more details on everything soon!

            Anyways, thanks again for writing this article and answering questions, they had been on my mind for a while!

  • Jack Jones

    Ha, PR disaster indeed. “Ari Jackass” was one report I received.

    • Elio Qoshi

      Let’s keep this civil please 🙂

  • That is the main problem with you guys. You do not have the tiniest clue about PR.

    And not to talk about your tons of other mistakes, changing vision and value that Firefox should feature functions and customizations to win against the competition into that only minimalism and being like the competition (Chrome) and earning tons of money is making you better.

    I would never ever trust Mozilla anymore. Because a browser developer who sells their core user base for Chrome users, stumbles into one big PR disaster after another and puts it’s origin Open Source roots into shame is not what i can and what i do not want to support.

    • Elio Qoshi

      See, this is where ranting and constructive criticism differs. While I might understand your frustration, words like this don’t improve the situation at all, as it’s simply consisting of attacks, instead of concrete suggestions one can improve.

      Please go ahead and support Chrome instead, if you feel that way.

      • Ranting? I only mentioned points which are visible and true. Believe me, if i would have tried to rant i would have used other words and expressions and you would have instantly banned me from here 🙂

        See, this is another problem. It is not the engine which is a problem, it is the development strategy/attitude which makes a difference. You can make out of the ugly empty shell called Chrome something useful like Vivaldi or Otter Browser. And you can make also out of a beautiful inspirational shell called Firefox something like Chrome.

        And as long as you refuse to change attitude and refuse to listen to your most oldest user base and following your new age design paradigms that a non changeable UI as corporate design works better than a customizable UI which offers choice, you will alienate and lose users.

        • Elio Qoshi

          You are not backing any of your claims with solid arguments, but that’s okay. People need to steam off. Thanks for choosing the comment section like 99% of all people to do that 🙂

          • not backing up? You have been outsourcing most of built inside UI customization, you have inserted features which appeal to the mainstream like Chat or Pocket, your goal is to create an unified experience cross-platform wide. Firefox should everywhere look and feel the same.

            This backs up every single claim.

          • Elio Qoshi

            Sorry, I can’t take you serious with that attitude.

          • Thanks for proving my point. Exactly that attitude is the reason why i am no longer using Mozilla Firefox and instead a browser which listens to the requests of the target user base.

            And last but not least, as i have also a bit tech blog, now all Firefox user agents are blocked in here. Enjoy! I really feel tempted now to call you some names, but as i have still a big respect of Mozillas past i will not do that and instead leave on a quite note.

            But one thing… if i ever would run into one of you guys, believe me i would instantly belt you one.

            Do me a favor, block me from here, temptation to curse you is too big to resist!

          • Elio Qoshi

            No, you are making too good of an example to see what happens with that absurd attitude you have. I hoped to stir a constructive discussion but your aggressive way of addressing things is exactly the definition of counterproductive. With 20 years in Marketing, I’m also surprised by the level of immaturity in the way you address your “concerns’.

            Again, thanks for being that example.

          • Lestat

            I see it similar. If Mozilla would still show focus for geeks they never would have removed all the features.

            Elio i guess you should try to see it also from the point of view from geeks. What Mozilla has decided in the recent past really has not brought to them much joy, that you can not deny.

          • Elio Qoshi

            Oh I totally agree. The supporters who are mostly angry about certain directions are the true hardcore open source enthusiasts (I am one of them I like to think). Mozilla has a more pragmatic view on such matters, with seemingly a focus on gaining leverage (userbase). It’s a blurry discussion with whether principles are more important with the possibility of only a handful of people using it, or trying to get your point across in a more subtle way by touching a large userbase.

            We seem to go for the latter right now. I can’t say that’s wrong necessarily as I have no idea how we could succeed going the 1st way.

            But then again, I’m not a market analyst.

          • Lestat

            If you want to compete with the giants, offering more of the same will not help you gain anything. At most you will get a handful of users who are intrigued that Firefox features a more Chrome like look and who value the privacy features.

            But at worst, for each geek you lose keep in mind that they most likely will take with them all the users they brought to Firefox during their time with the browser. Compare user numbers of Firefox 22 with the ones of today.

            Offering the same like the rest and stripping away what is unique just because a handful of people could call that bloat features is not the most productive strategy.

          • Elio Qoshi

            Right, I might open that discussion in one of our future events. Thanks for addressing.

          • Lestat

            Sorry to waste your time pal, but if i am allowed i would present you some recommendation:

            Recently features like Hello or Pocket have been turned into System add-ons. Why don’t you do that with customization? Get in contact with Aris from Classic Theme Restorer and ask they and your devs about a chance to bundle that add-on in a similar way.

            Users like me who want features directly in the core you will not win back that way, but there are tons of angry users who would be willing to use such a solution.

          • Elio Qoshi

            That’s a good specific point good to talk about (although unrelated directly to the topics).

            Also, it’s not wasted time, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this blog post. It has been 3 years now that I am volunteering at Mozilla.

          • Lestat

            Anyway, i hope you find a way to redeem yourself at least a bit with the geek society again, because what can indeed happen is that you will lose a ton of users once Servo/latest Firefox Gecko plans kills all advanced customization. And every user you are losing means that Webkit gains more and more strength. Today the whole web is almost influenced only by Google Chrome or Apple Safari, and a Mozilla which is losing influence more and more makes the web soon into a total dictatorship of Webkit.

            And i am pretty sure Mozilla leadership knows that all too well so it should be in your whole interest to find a solution to go back to a concept which makes non-experienced users and geeks again equal as worthy like it was in the past. Features and minimalism can work together quite well, there is no reason for removing one side of the coin.

            Good luck!

          • Elio Qoshi

            As you see, you brought a valid point here, but being passive-aggressive like Mr Anonymous who goes under Celtic_God is just putting fuel into the fire.

  • Right so I have read so much stuff about this, including your post but as a “simpler” Mozilla localizer with nothing much to show in the way of dev skills, I’m still lost. So I’d really appreciate a simple answer to the question bugging all those who are sitting at the (at times) uncomfortable edge of interfacing (aka selling) Mozilla to our local users.
    Question: Under the new vision (whatever it is), will or will it be easy for people (normal users, not devs who can do eye watering scripts and command lines) to get their hands on phones with Mozilla OS on it?

    PS: You might also want to dissect what happened with the tablet project Flatfish. I’m still none too sure of it except that I have a tablet which seems to be e‑waste now.

    • Elio Qoshi

      Hey Michael, sorry for the delayed reply.

      It is pretty easy, the Firefox OS Participation Hub is the way to dive in. No need to be highly technical.

      Check it out:

      the TCP is dead and never got any traction. Same here, can’t even flash it with Android.

      • Falemenderit (long story, had a lot of friends at school who were Shqipetar). Don’t worry about the delay, we’re all very busy.

        The link is dead I’m afraid – and I’m still unsure about the end-user question. Will there or will there not be phones with Mozilla OS for our users to buy?

        • Elio Qoshi

          Sorry, it seems to be https

          I can’t tell you really, our strategy is still not finished and we won’t know until April at least…

          Anyway, gern geschehen!

          • Rrrright… so we’re still at the ‘ex chaos ordo’ stage? Yikes…

            I’ll try the app and keep localizing for now – and keep checking your blog. Great title for the post, wish I could disagree >.<

          • Elio Qoshi

            Yeah kind of. You should be hearing news regarding this sooner than April I hope.

  • It would be nice to hear the reasons behind all these decisions.

    • Elio Qoshi

      I do not think there was any bad intentions really. It’s just messy sometimes.

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