Fedora & Mozilla Activity Day in Prishtina, Kosovo (Report)


As part of Open Labs Hackerspace, I was invited to Prishtina, Kosovo by fellow hacktivist Ardian Haxha, to facilitate various sessions about Fedora and Mozilla. Furthermore, I was happy to design the artwork for the event too, which was greatly aligned with my work at Mozilla Community Design and the Fedora Design Team.

Ardian is a hard working community member of FLOSSK, who was heavily involved in the organization of the past SFK conferences in the very same city of Prishtina also. He recently rediscovered the pleasure in working with the Fedora and Mozilla communities again, so he decided to organize the Fedora and Mozilla Activity Days in Prishtina on the 26 & 27th of March.

It was inspiring to check out Prishtina Hackerspace, truly one of the biggest hackerspaces in Europe, which might be surprising for a small country like Kosovo. The event itself went well, although we expected more people. This was balanced however with 1:1 conversations and personalized presentations and workshops to cater every attendee’s interests. I’m happy to see that some of the attendees showed interest to contribute to Fedora and/or Mozilla afterwards, so now the important part comes: following up.


Fedora Badges Workshop – Photo by Sonia Budini

A highlight for me personally was the great Fedora badges sessions, where we taught attendees how to use the templates to create their own badges with Inkscape. It was a great hands-on experience which was also a good icebreaker at the same time.

On the Mozilla front, I was happy to talk about Community Design, how to get involved and generally how to start contributing to Mozilla via whatcanidoformozilla.org

Arion Banishta, who has contributed at FLOSSK for over 3 years, joined the Mozillians ranks also afterwards. I’m looking forward to see the Kosovo community growing

FMAD Photo

Thanks to Ardian for facilitating the event, Open Labs and FLOSSK for never ceasing to inspire us to keep doing what we are doing and Boris Budini and Jona Azizaj for helping out with the sessions. I should come more often to Prishtina also.

Check out Ardian’s blogpost for more photos.