Glucosio named as one of the ‘TOP Open Source Rookies of the Year’

Rookie of the year

I am excited to announce that Glucosio was selected as an Open Source Rookie of the Year by Black Duck Software. For those of you who haven’t heard about Glucosio yet, it’s the world’s first open source diabetes monitoring application, currently available for Android (but we plan to expand to many other platforms too). I am happy to be the Creative Lead of the project and the creator of our mascot, Glucat. The annual Black Duck Software Awards recognize the top new open source projects initiated in the past year and Black Duck reviews thousands of projects in its selection process.

Glucosio was selected for 2015 alongside a number of other great OSS projects such as Mattermost, Nulecule and even Facebook-sponsored React Native.The project has come a long way in just a year, and I’m excited about what 2016 has in store for the Glucosio Community. Read about all the 2015 winners here.

As cheesy as it might sounds, this has been made possible by some of the greatest minds in open source, with whom I had the honour to work with, specifically:

Benjamin Kerensa, our Team Leader and Founder; Paolo Rotolo, our Lead Developer who turns all our ideas into Android reality; Satyajit Sahoo our UX Lead, who designed  Glucosio’s UX and UI on Android; Christopher Pecoraro who’s working to make an open API for researchers and also  a Tizen port of Glucosio; Mirko Pizii who’s maintaining our website; and last but not least, Ahmar Siddiqui who helped us with the database in the early development stage of Glucosio.

Also thanks to our 20+ translators who helped to make Glucosio accessible worldwide, in all languages. Thanks especially to Silva Arapi who contributed to Glucosio’s Albanian localization. Due to Google’s limitations and unwillingness, Glucosio is not yet available in Albanian (SQ), as they don’t see Albanian as a priority right now. I hope we will be able to change this within the year.

As a little bonus, here are some of the newest Glucat poses and moods I have been working on:


I will make Glucat’s source files available for personal use in an upcoming post, accompanied by some behind the scenes of its creation. I hope you enjoy it as much I did. I will be back with more good news very soon I hope.