Mentoring for Google Summer of Code 2016

I’m excited to announce my role as a mentor for the FOSSASIA organization at this year’s Google Summer of Code! I will be mentoring students working on “Open Event“, a frameworks which helps organizing events, conferences, tech summits and more while easily creating Web and Mobile micro Apps.

The project comprises of a data schema for easily storing event details, a server and web frontend that are used to view, modify, update this data easily by the event organisers, a mobile-friendly webapp client to show the event data to attendees, an Android app template which will be used to generate specific apps for each event.

As I’m not a coder myself, I will be helping students with feedback regarding UI/UX and general look and feel of the project. For those who are unaware of Google Summer of Code:

“Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an online, international program designed to encourage university student participation in open source software development. GSoC provides the framework for students to work for an open source software organization, paying them a stipend in exchange for their development on the project.

University students spend their time outside of school working in a field that can help them with their studies and career after university while Google provides them a stipend of 5500 USD. In 11 years almost 11,000 students from 103 countries have been accepted into GSoC and approximately 50 million lines of code have been produced.”