Fedora 24 Release Party at Open Labs Hackerspace

Woot! Another Fedora version is out! Unlike many other distributions, Fedora’s update cycle is much more rapid and “bleeding edge” as some cool tech guys might call it. Although with a little bit of delay (it was scheduled to be released earlier in June), Fedora 24 was released on the 21st of June, which of course the Albanian Fedora community celebrated at our local hackerspace, Open Labs, as well.WebsiteThe event was held on 9th July. The temperatures were a bit to our disadvantage,  and less people than expected were able to attend, however that didn’t impact the quality of the content). Might be a good lesson for next time to organize our events at 6PM, instead of 4PM, especially at such hot days. But enough with logistics.

I kicked off the meeting with a big round table, where I did a short introduction to the Fedora Project and discussed with the attendees about their experiences with Fedora and Linux in general. Anxhelo, our localization mastermind, followed with a short presentation of how l10n works at Fedora and we introduced flatpak as part of the Fedora 24 release.. Jona continued with a LITTLE too difficult Fedora Quiz (really fun by the way), where the attendees with the most right answers would win some Fedora swag.

The classic cake treatment followed afterwards, with snacks and drinks for attendees offered as well. Discussions among old and new friends were part as well of course. I look forward to the next Fedora event after the summer break so we can get into gears once more again!