Infographic: SitePoint Open Source Week

Open Source WeekAs you might have noticed, Cyber Monday also marked the end of Open Source Week at SitePoint, a week dedicated to all topics Open Source & Free Software. It has been quite a ride organizing it, especially after having learned some lessons from IoT Week organized by fellow SitePointer Patrick Catanzariti. I hope I was able to apply the lessons we had from that and improve the overall experience delivered. Having said that, there is a vast amount of tweaks and additions I have in mind for Open Source Week next year. I think we are perfecting the way we handle our thematic weeks at SitePoint and am curious to see what theme awaits us next.

But enough of thinking back. I took the liberty to create an infographic including a variety of important stats related to Open Source Week, its impact and the amount of work put in. Thanks mom for being my official coffee sponsor! Couldn’t have done it without you.