Resigning from Fedora Ambassadors

After a good home run of over 1 year as a Fedora Ambassador and more than that as a contributor, I have decided to resign from Fedora Ambassadors. I’m not going to bore you with stories of the past. However, I’m resigning in good spirit, knowing that the local Fedora Community is in a better place compared to before I joined. Especially with our newest Ambassador, Mariana, I am convinced Fedora Albania will have a solid future.

While I am a bit worried about diversity in the community (I was the only male Ambassador) I look forward to be more on the sidelines and help mentor contributors into other projects at Open Labs Hackerspace. I am convinced that in the same way I have been supported and mentored by fellow contributors, I should give back to the community in a similar way, by allocating more time to that.

I am grateful for the support we had from Fedora and Red Hat, especially during OSCAL and look forward to shape the next edition with an even more solid presence.