Rreth meje

Born in Albania, raised in Germany and working nowadays across borders, I have a weakness for open source philosophy (not only metodology), free (as in freedom) software in general, community building and aesthetically pleasing digital design.

Having worked for several startups and organizations, I have devoted my time to simplify little aspects of our life, instead of so called “Innovation”, which promises to invent the wheel so many don’t need.

I’m driven by certain values of the people and organizations I work with, mostly organizations which support Free Software, the Open Web and Open Culture in General. Sharing is caring.

I founded Ura, an Open Source Design agency which helps open source projects improve their design, including Brand Strategy and User Exerpeince. Since 2015 I am a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Representative, working on Mozilla Open Design mostly. I am currently contracted as a Visual Designer at The Tor Project. Further, I act as a Fedora Ambassador and Board Member at Open Labs Albania, the first hackerspace in Tirana, Albana which promotes Free Open Source Software and Culture. In the past years I have learned to like technical writing and it has turned into a great passion nowadays.

Having said that, I am an author at SitePoint since 2014. covering topics I care about, usually Free Open Source, Design &  Community. I am also one of the organizers behind Open Source Conference Albania, also known as OSCAL which started back in 2014 to help the regional Free & Open Source scene. In my spare time I also contribute to the Free Software Foundation Europe, Wikimedia, Glucosio and GalliumOS. Last (and least) I am finishing my Bachelor studies in Multimedia Arts.

I cycle and play video games when I feel the need to relax.
Sometimes I might be pretty caught up in work, but if you want to invite me for lunch having some Caesar Salad, I can usually make up some time. If you want to help me complie a recipe of the the best Caesar Salad ever made, even better.

My favourite musicians are Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, The Black Keys, Chet Faker, Helios, Hans Zimmer and more.